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Our fund

If you are looking for a one-click solution to own a curated selection of digital assets, we got you covered! Buy our Solwealth Core Fund while retaining the full custody of your assets.

You deposit

All you have to do is add USDC in your Solflare wallet, click Invest in the menu, select the Solwealth Core Fund, and that’s it! You will receive fund tokens in exchange of your USDC.

We manage

Our portfolio manager will allocate your funds based on the current recommended tactical asset allocation. Decisions are made with a mix of fundamental and technical analysis.


Key advantages of on-chain asset management.


You are in full control of your funds at all times. Solana smart contracts remove intermediaries and ensure safe asset storage.


You can see the fund’s performance in real time. We also disclose our investment process to be transparent with our decisions.


You can enter or exit our fund for less than $0.01. You would pay at least $50 to perform each of those transactions on Ethereum.

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